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My name is Mary Drysdale and I am a London Blue Badge Tourist Guide. I can’t wait to introduce you to the city I love and to show you exactly what makes it so special. I’m informed, friendly and energetic and I’m longing to share my insights, specialist knowledge, and huge enthusiasm with you. Take a look at the tour options I offer. And please get in touch with your questions. I’ll be delighted to help.

"I think your guide was brilliant. I've never enjoyed a static exhibition as much. You think you don't need a guide and she made it all come to life."

Bill Ward

"You are a treasure to find and we will be seeing you again my friend. I would not hesitate to recommend or refer anyone to you! Thank you again so much.

We couldn’t have done it without you"

Sharon Fisher

"We were leaving the Uffizzi gallery in Florence and I turned to my wife and said, 'I just had a bit of a fantasy that our guide would be a bit of a Mary Drysdale.'"

"Mary created a bespoke tour of Richmond... It was quite beyond my expectation.

She was confident, entertaining, knowledgeable, informative and a delight to be with."

Delia Roughley

"I thoroughly enjoyed walking through time appreciating the outstanding artefacts history has given us.

Although I’ve been to the BM many times before and seen items thinking aren’t they amazing, Mary gave them life in telling their stories and it truly opens your eyes.  I loved the variety of the selection, pace of the tour and company on the day. "

Jennifer Smith-Stephens

"I saw Richmond in a whole new light... thanks to your wealth of historical information.

You made us all feel at ease with your passion, energy and cummitment. Thanks Mary for making it so interesting and special."

Vivien Speers

"Thank you for the most wonderful few hours at the British Museum Mary.

Very grateful to you for delivering the perfect tour - so well researched and knowledgeable and welcoming. The three other girls were as impressed as I was, and we’re all prepared for the afterlife now!

I honestly can’t wait to do another tour again."

Caroline Bowkley

Richard Brearley

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